Tornio Community College - Tornion kansalaisopisto

Tornio Community College, Seminaarinkatu 14 (See map)

Tornio Community College is a municipal learning centre offering a wide variety of courses for people of different ages, from children to senior citizens. Annually 4000 people study at the Community College, i.e. approximately 18 % of the population of Tornio, either at its main premises in the town centre or at its 30 other facilities throughout the municipality.

Every year, the four units of the Community College – civic studies, arts, handicrafts and design, languages – arrange about 350 courses in e.g. parenting, ICT, PE, drama and theatre, fine art, dance, music, weaving, patchwork, china painting, pottery and languages.

Tornio Community College is committed to promote sustainable development and every unit operates according to its social, economic and environmental principles. Besides non-formal adult education we arrange Open University courses in cooperation with several Finnish universities. Children and young people can study according to the basic national curriculum in fine art, dance, music, theatre and handicraft. Immigrants and foreigners can attend our Finnish courses and are welcome to participate in all our other training activities as well. We also provide private as well as municipal and other public sector clients with tailor-made courses of various fields such as language training, customer service, information technology and first aid.

For further information about our courses, please visit the Tornion Kansalaisopisto main site (in Finnish) or see our printed course catalogue delivered to every household in Tornio in August. You can also collect the course catalogue in our office at Seminaarinkatu 14 or reach us by phone on +358 40 770 5972 for more details.

Tornion kansalaisopisto - Tornio Community College
 Seminaarinkatu 14
 FIN 95430 Tornio
 tel: +358  40 770 5972
 fax: +358 16 430 939
 e-mail: kansalaisopisto(at)


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