According to the agreement between the Aine Pictorial Art Foundation and the City of Tornio, the main exhibition has been suspended in four halls. The main exhibition includes works from all collections of the Aine Art Museum and sometimes also borrowed from other museums or private collections. The main exhibition is the body of the art museum’s work and based on research and reflects current issues and themes. It is  changed annually

Museum’s temporary exhibitions deepens the vision of the Aine art museum’s own collections. Temporary exhibitions can be collected from own collections or by invited artists or artist groups.The temporary exhibition programme shows also regional art.

Exhibition programme 2021

29.1.2021-6.1.2022 Keräilijän Tornio  Samlarens Torneå I A collector’s Tornio

20.11.-14.3.2021 MARTTYYRI
Aurora Reinhard

28.1.-21.2.2021 Lapin kullanmurut
Ristomatti  Myllylahti
Rajalla På Gränsen, Länsiranta 10, Tornio


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