The Museum of Tornio Valley


The Museum of Tornio Valley showcases Tornio Valley culture and history on both sides of the Finnish-Swedish border. The Museum specialices in the local way of life and border region phenomena. The permanent exhibition highlights the traditional means of living, the history of Tornio and Haparanda cities, border trade, smuggling and marriages across the border. Visitors can listen to local languages and dialects in special chairs. The artifacts and abundant picture an film material on display makes the past come alive.

On top of the permanent exhibition, there is 2-4 changing exhibitions per year.

The Museum of Tornio Valley is a regional central museum and its area reaches in Finland from Simo in South to Muonio in North and Haparanda municipality in Sweden. The museum is the only cross-boarder museum in the world.

The Museum was founded in 1914. It is preserving material culture and history of the area, doing research, educating, publishing and giving advice in matters concerning cultural heritage and museums. The collections consists  artefacts, photographs, recordings and a local heritage archive.

The Museum of Tornio Valley is situated in central Tornio beside the library and Aine Art Museum. The exhibitions are in Finnish, Swedish and mostly even in English.


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