Family work

Social work aimed at families supports parenthood, offers guidance in childcare and education, helps to manage daily issues and routines at home, strengthens the family’s ability to function in new life situations, supports the development of interaction skills in the family, expands the family’s social networks, and prevents social exclusion.

Family work is a free service that comprehensively and systematically supports families with children over the long term. Its goal is to support the life management skills and resources of families with children and assist in coping in everyday life.

Family work can be preventive work or so-called corrective work, and is usually carried out in cooperation with social services, child health clinics, daycares or schools.

For example, you can contact the nurse of your child health clinic, who will then get in touch with a family work team leader or assistant. You can also request assistance by calling family work services directly.

Child and family services




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