Student health care

Student health care services are aimed at students enrolled in general upper secondary education, vocational education or a university of applied sciences.

The goal of student health care is to uphold and improve the well-being of both students and the educational community as a whole. It supports the physical, mental and social health and studying ability of students. In addition, it seeks to improve the studying environment to better support studies.

Students are offered the option of receiving a health inspection during their studies. Students may also book appointments for a health inspection or for matters related to studying ability, mental health, substance abuse, birth control and other sexual health, and vaccinations. Appointments can be booked electronically here.

Birth control counseling

Tornio provides free birth control for female residents under the age of 25. The telephone number for birth control counseling is +358 (040) 632 8858. Calls are answered by a nurse who will provide advice and support on all matters related to birth control. The service is available on weekdays between 12 noon–1 pm.

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