Social emergency services

Social emergency services respond to urgent and necessary needs for assistance. They react to sudden and unpredictable social crises that require an immediate response.

Social office emergency telephone numbers

Emergency number 112
In cases requiring immediate intervention due to a threat against the life or health of a person, always call the emergency services number 112.

Child welfare/Social emergency services +358 (0)400 297 208
Call this number to contact the authorities and in urgent matters related to child welfare. During office hours, calls will be taken by a child welfare services social worker. Outside office hours, calls are directed to the on-duty sub-regional social emergency services worker.

In non-urgent matters, contact social office counselling services, tel. +358 (0)50 597 1160 (weekdays 8–11.30 am) or social office service coordination, tel. +358 (0)40 649 2920 (weekdays 12 noon–4 pm).

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