Streets and transport

The cities of Tornio and Haparanda are serviced by the versatile public transport services of two countries and good connections in all directions.

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Public transport in Tornio

Tornio is a bustling city on the border with Sweden and, together with its neighbor Haparanda, forms the logistical hub of the Bothnian Arc. The cities are serviced by the versatile public transport of two countries.

A joint transport hub located right on the national border on Krannikatu connects the public transport services of Finland and Sweden.

Connections between the two countries are effortless thanks to public transport services that extend to Haparanda. The region’s residents and tourists are serviced by the long-distance connections of both countries. Connections by train are available at the Kemi railway station (27 km) and, for trains to and from Kolari, the East Tornio railway stop in the Torppi district (3 km from the city center).

Over in Sweden, the nearest railway stations are located in Luleå (130 km) and Boden (130 km). The city can be reached by plane via the Kemi-Tornio airport (20 km). The nearest Swedish airport is in Luleå.