Tornio – The Best Border City in the World

Tornio is an attractive border city of happy residents, renewable services and successful businesses. We are part of Lapland and the Torne River Valley, the Bothnian Bay and the North Calotte, Barents and Europe.

Together with the Swedish city of Haparanda we form an unique, international twin city with 32 000 inhabitants at the border of two countries. Here the Finnish and Swedish languages and cultures meet, as well as border trade, the river, the sea and a lively stream of traffic and tourists.

The new joint center of our twin city is growing on the shared border at the very moment. This project is an excellent example of European cross border cooperation. Here we don’t hesitate to look into the future and create new things.

The aim of this unique cooperation is to enjoy the benefits of two countries. Living in the center of the city or in the countryside, by the sea or the unharnessed salmon river – whatever you choose, the services of the two countries are always within your reach.

Tornio, together with Haparanda, has been a lively meeting point and a gateway to Lapland through the centuries. Nowadays Tornio is a major industrial center especially known for its steel industry.

Tornio received its city rights from King Gustav II Adolf in 1621. In 2021 Tornio celebrated 400 years as a city.


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