Pre-primary education in Tornio

The free pre-primary education organized by the city is intended for all preschool-aged children for a period of one year before the start of compulsory education. Pre-primary education activities are aimed at supporting the learning, growth and development of children through conversation, games, exercise and learning by discovery, experimentation, fact-finding and problem-solving.

Pre-primary education seeks to reinforce the child’s self-confidence and provide positive learning experiences and opportunities for diverse interaction with the child’s peers. The common educational objectives and learning modules are as follows: diverse forms of expression, the rich world of language, me and our community, exploring and interacting with my environment, and I grow and develop.

Enrolling in pre-primary education

Basis of pre-primary education

The planning and execution of pre-primary education is based on the national core curriculum for pre-primary education and the City of Tornio curriculum for pre-primary education. In addition, each teaching group prepares a detailed action plan for the fall and spring semesters. All children receive an individual pre-primary education plan in cooperation with the parent or guardian.

Pre-primary education and daycare

Additional daycare services beyond pre-primary education are subject to a fee. Day care is organized in the pre-primary education facilities. Free pre-primary education services are not organized during holiday seasons. Day care during holiday seasons is subject to a normal full-day care fee. The pre-primary education holiday seasons mainly coincide with school holidays.

Morning and afternoon clubs for pupils

Pre-primary education locations

Pre-primary education is provided at the local school. Children with special needs are placed in either their local school or the Tornionseutu school pre-primary education group.

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