Tornion yhteislyseo upper secondary school

Tornion yhteislyseo is a class-less, course-based upper secondary school with around 350 students (as of the fall of 2017). In addition to common courses, students have the opportunity to study various advanced and school-specific elective courses. The school offers four optional languages with basic syllabuses: Spanish, German, French and Russian.

Within the course-based upper secondary school, students can independently choose the content and schedule of their study programs. The study period is dependent on the goals, capabilities and choices of the student. Upper secondary school studies typically take three years to complete. The course-based model also places greater responsibility for studying on the students themselves.

The school curriculum emphasizes the diversity of studies. Students can design their own study programs from the extensive and diverse selection of subjects, according to their personal goals. In this way, students begin to take responsibility for their studies at this stage, and set their eyes on further studies after graduation.

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