Parking in Tornio city center

Tornio city center contains parking spaces both with and without a time limit. Parking spaces with a time limit may be located both on streets and in parking areas. The time limits for parking spaces are: 30 minutes, one (1) hour and two (2) hours.

The Rajalla shopping mall on the border has indoor parking, with the first two hours of parking free of charge. Parking in the garage is paid for at the parking ticket vending machine.

Disc parking

Parking time limits in the city of Tornio are enforced from Monday to Friday between 8 am‒6 pm and on Saturdays between 8 am‒2 pm.

When parking in a space that requires the use of a parking disc, set the disc rounded up to the next half-hour or full hour from your arrival time. The time on the disc may not be reset during a single stay in the same parking space. The parking disc should be placed in a visible location behind the front windshield.

Mopeds and motorcycles do not need to use a parking disc. However, the time limits for parking spaces also apply to them.

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