Participate and influence in Tornio

Residents have numerous opportunities to influence matters in their municipality and present their opinions and suggestions to city officials and decision-makers. Residents can have an influence through official channels or participate in civic activities, for example. For instance, residents can vote in general elections, follow decision making, voice their opinion and participate in public debates, submit resident initiatives and ask questions related to the city’s services and their development.

Give feedback

If you wish to give feedback, file a report or provide suggestions on the city’s services, please fill in our feedback form. All received feedback will be processed as soon as possible.

Feedback form

You can send the message anonymously, but if you would prefer a personal response, check the box “I want to be contacted in reply”. The feedback form may not be used to handle matters related to invoices for the city, or to cancel booked times such as doctor’s appointments. The form should not be used to send sensitive or confidential information, such as personal identification numbers. Under “Subject of feedback”, please state the nature of your feedback as accurately as possible. In this way, we will be able to forward the feedback to the correct recipient.
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