Decision making

The highest decision-making body in the City of Tornio is the City Council with 43 Councilors. The Councilors and their deputies are elected once every four years in municipal elections. The City Council meets once a month on average.

The City Board is responsible for the City’s administration and financial management, and executes decisions made by the City Council. The City Board has 11 members, from whom the City Council chooses a Chair and two Vice Chairs. The City Board meets every other week on average.

Minutes, agendas and decisions by office holders

The City Council, City Board and Committees’ agendas and minutes as well as decisions by office holders are published electronically. Before being published, they are stripped of confidential and personal information that is not appropriate for publication. The minutes are published as reviewed and unreviewed versions. The period for appeal against a decision begins on the date following the publication of the reviewed minutes.

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