Committees and boards are bodies that comprise of officials elected to manage tasks related to a particular administrative section. The City of Tornio has four Committees: Technical Services, Education, Quality of Life and Social Services and Health Care. The members and vice members of Committees are chosen by the City Council. The City Council also appoints a Chair and Vice Chair among the Committee members.

The Technical Services Committee is responsible for community development services, such as land use, municipal engineering, construction and facilities.

The Education Committee is responsible for the preparation of statutory matters related to early childhood education, basic education and youth and adult education, as well as for the production and organization of early childhood and education services.

The Quality of Life Committee is responsible for the City’s libraries, museums and cultural activities, youth and sports services, health-enhancing physical activities and liberal adult education. The Committee is tasked with the promotion of citizen engagement and the quality of life and well-being of residents in cooperation with third-sector operators and organizations. The Quality of Life Committee also promotes the equal access of residents to education, literature and arts and opportunities for continuous self-development.

The Social Services and Health Care Committee is responsible for the City’s statutory social services and health care duties, as well as for the production and organization of social services and health care.

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