Sports facilities

Tornio offers a broad range of opportunities for both indoor and outdoor sports to suit all needs.

Indoor sports facilities in Tornio

Tornio offers a diverse selection of both indoor and outdoor sports facilities for use by residents. The facilities available in Tornio are supplemented further by sports facilities in Haparanda and neighboring municipalities.

Time slots can be reserved from Tornio Sports Services at any of the three large sports centers owned by the city in Pudas, Arpela and Karunki. Time slots for the swimming center are also managed by Sports Services. Time slot reservations for indoor sports facilities can be viewed in the Timmi reservation service.

Sports facilities in Tornio also include an ice hall, indoor soccer pitch, dog exercise center and bowling center.

Outdoor sports facilities in Tornio

The Pohja Stadium, Puuluoto sports center and numerous soccer pitches, ice skating rinks, fitness trails and ski tracks offer opportunities for outdoor activities to suit all tastes. In addition, Tornio has two tennis courts and a disc golf course, as well as a baseball field in Pirkkiö. The gravel field is located at the address Vanha Pirkkiöntie 25.

Reservations for the soccer pitches, baseball field, Pohja Stadium and other outdoor sports facilities are managed by Tornio Sports Services. Time slot reservations for outdoor sports facilities can be viewed via the Timmi reservation service.

Green exercise enthusiasts are treated to extensive nature trails, lean-to shelters and bird watching towers, as well as the Bothnian Bay and Haparanda National Parks. The shelter and bird watching tower at Alkunkari is even accessible by wheelchair. The city area also hosts several well-equipped playgrounds for children. In addition, the Tornio Arboretum as well as the city’s riverside parks and beaches offer recreation and experiences of nature for all ages.

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