About the Tornio adult education center

The Tornio adult education center provides everyone with opportunities to engage in studying and learn hobbies, with an average of 350 courses organized in some 30 localities. The courses are focused on arts, crafts, information and communications technology and languages, as well as topics that promote life management skills and health. Their duration ranges from the full school year to shorter courses. Course meetings are typically held weekly during the day or evening, or on weekends.

The adult education center is open to everyone interested in the broad selection of studies and hobbies, regardless of their previous education or age. The Tornio adult education center is an education institution owned by the City of Tornio and operating under the supervision of the National Board of Education and Lapland Regional State Administrative Agency.

Teaching is provided as contact and online instruction in various subjects.

Teaching in the fall term begins in September and ends in November or December. The spring term begins after Three Kings’ Day and ends in April or May. In addition, the center organizes short courses over the summer.

The center also arranges various cultural events, such as showcasing the work of students in exhibitions, opening nights, performances and music matinées.

The adult education center also hosts exam sessions for students in other institutions.

Office opening hours are Mon–Thu between 9 am–4 pm.

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