Basic education

Basic education has a dual purpose in both upbringing and education. Its aim is to support the growth of pupils as people and members of civic society, and to impart knowledge and skills needed in life. The basic education provided by comprehensive schools is free, general education. Pupils are provided with textbooks and other learning materials selected by the schools free of charge. Textbooks are often reused. Sports equipment must be provided by the pupils themselves.

Pupils are also entitled to a free, full meal and, under certain preconditions, free transportation to and from the school on each school day. Pupils also have the right to free student welfare services, the attendance of which is a prerequisite for participation in instruction. Pupils with disabilities and other special needs are also entitled to assistive devices required for participation in instruction, including interpretation and attendant services and assistive devices.

Compulsory education

All young residents of compulsory education age have the right to participate in basic education organized by the City of Tornio. Compulsory education begins the year during which when the child turns seven. Instruction is provided from grades 1 to 9. During the course of basic education, pupils fulfil their compulsory education and become eligible for further studies upon receiving their basic education certificate.

The upbringing and educational activities of schools are based on the curriculum.

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