International cooperation and sister cities

The City of Tornio actively participates in international cooperation within the Bothnian Arc and Tornio valley, among other regions. Tornio also has six international sister cities in Europe and Russia.

TornioHaparanda cross-border cooperation

Cooperation between the cities of Tornio and Haparanda is directed by the organization Provincia Bothniensis. Its primary mission is to develop, deepen and enhance cooperation between the cities and their residents.

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Bothnian Arc

The Bothnian Arc is the coastal area that envelops the Bay of Bothnia, the northernmost part of the Baltic Sea. The cross-border organization Bothnian Arc, based in Haparanda, operates within the area. The Bothnian Arc is home to some 710,000 inhabitants.

Members of the organization include the sub-regions of Kemi-Tornio, Oulu Arc, Oulu and Ylivieska, the city of Raahe and the Regional Council of Central Ostrobothnia from Finland, and the municipalities of Haparanda, Kalix, Luleå, Boden, Piteå and Skellefteå from Sweden.

Council of Torne Valley

Founded in 1987, the Council of Torne Valley is a Swedish federation of municipalities and a transnational Nordic committee based in Haparanda. The Council of Torne Valley operates on the Finnish and Swedish sides of the Tornio valley and in their adjacent areas in Norway.

Members of the Council include six municipalities from Finland (Tornio, Ylitornio, Pello, Kolari, Muonio, Enontekiö), four from Sweden (Haparanda, Övertorneå, Pajala, Kiruna) and three from Norway (Nordreisa, Kåfjord, Storfjord).

Council of Torne Valley (in Swedish and Finnish)

Sister cities of Tornio

The City of Tornio Sister Cities Commission is responsible for official cooperation activities with its sister cities.

The Sister Cities Commission maintains connections with sister cities, coordinates cooperation with sister cities and organizes various meetings and projects, both independently and in cooperation with other sectors of the city administration involved in matters related to cooperation with sister cities.

Our sister cities are:

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