Kuutti Lavonen – Sailing into silence

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Kuutti Lavonen – Sailing into silence 24.5.–29.9.2024

Kuutti Lavonen, Vedenisäntä (Neptunus), Jenny ja Antti Wihurin rahaston kokoelma / Rovaniemen taidemuseo

While watching the works of Kuutti Lavonen one can hear tones from afar. The works have a feel of the passage of time, the hand of the artist brings out the faded lines from the past.

In Lavonen’s works the depiction of human often includes references to ancient cultures and the history of art.

The title of the exhibition Sailing Into Silence indicates to movement and the sounds quieting down, faiding away. The works of Lavonen offer to the viewer a place to rest, a moment of sailing. A place where silence is seen as an experience of beauty. The references to Renaissance and Baroque in Lavonen’s works connect them into the larger continuum of art history.

Sailing Into Silence introduces the artist, printmaker, professor and photographer Kuutti Lavosen’s (born 1960) wide production over several decades from different collections as well as recent works. The poetic entity illuminates the artist’s versatility and long career.

Even silence can be heard in Kuutti Lavonen’s artworks.

Sailing Into Silence
Kuutti Lavonen
Aineen taidemuseo
Torikatu 2, 95400 Tornio