18.8.-12.11.2023 Melancholy Diorama and the Wonders of Collage Mikko Kallio, Niina Lehtonen Braun, Ilona Valkonen


Artists Niina Lehtonen Braun, Mikko Kallio and Ilona Valkonen explore collage in different ways in the exhibition at the Aine Art Museum. In the three artists’ joint exhibition, collage is understood both as a method in art and as a way of being and thinking in this world. The exhibition is based on the long-term collaboration and friendship between Lehtonen Braun, Kallio and Valkonen. Collage is described by the artists as a process of disconnecting, connecting and rebuilding.The exhibition consists of installations, animations, works on paper, paintings and object compositions. The exhibition at the Aine Art Museum will expand on the group’s previous exhibition Melancholy Diorama and the Wonders of Collage – Studio phase, which was on show in Berlin’s HilbertRaum art space in spring 2023.

Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Kone Foundation have supported the artists’ work.

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