Near – Collection exhibition curated by young people

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Near – Aine Art Museum’s new collection exhibition is curated by local youth

” Art has evoked strong emotions, and it has been good to be able to show feelings”.
– A youth who participated in the Near exhibition project

The collection exhibition Near that opens at the Aine Art Museum on Valentine’s Day 14.2.2024 has been completed in cooperation with Luovi Tornio Vocational College, the Tornio Labour Foundation, and the Friends of Aine Art Museum.

The exhibition has been created over the past six months in liaison with regular meetings, where the collections of the Aine Pictorial Art Foundation and the Aine Art Museum have been familiarised and the exhibition has been designed jointly.

The students have selected various works on friendship for the Near exhibition. The exhibition features artworks by twenty-seven artists. The oldest work in the exhibition is from 1880, Fredrik Ahlstedt’s painting The Artist’s Wife Drawing Outdoors, and the latest work is a painting by Raisa Raekallio and Misha del Val from 2021.

With the Near exhibition, the Aine Art Museum wants to remind everyone that the art museum and its collections are meant for everyone’s enjoyment. The exhibition has been supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation’s Lapland Fund.

The exhibition features artworks by artists:

Ahlstedt Fredrik, Collin Markus, Fredriksson Stig, Hakalahti Juhani, Helenius Ester, Raittila Tapani, Renvall Essi, Ruokokoski Jalmari, Särestöniemi Reidar, Tulla Pentti, Tang Raili, Keränen Markku, Niva Jussi, Alalääkkölä Sirpa, Pirilä Marja, Miettunen Sauli, Oikarinen Maaria, Rapinoja Anni, Tuominen Juhani, Särkijärvi Sirpa, Harju Liisa, Anoschkin Jasmin, Tuomi Juhani, Korkalo Tuomas, Reinhard Aurora, Raekallio Raisa & Del Val Misha

Exhibition team:

Anna-Liisa, Iina, Anna, Karita, Jatta, Jani, Timo, Elina, Saara, Labour Foundation’s Startti workshop, Friends of the Aine Art Museum