Welcome to Karin Keisus och Josse Thuressons artist talk Thursday 22nd of February at 6 pm (time in Finland)

The artist talk is part of the opening of the exhibition Jaettu poissaolo I En delad frånvaro I A Shared absence. In the conversation together with Keisu and Thuresson is artist and pedagog Victoria Andersson.
The event starts at 6 pm (time in Finland). The language of the talk is Swedish translated into Finnish.
Free entrance, welcome!



The exhibitions of the year 2024 at the Aine Art Museum centers around sleep, darkness, invisibility and visibility – The exhibitions present masters of painting, graphics and moving image 

Swedish artist duo Karin Keisu and Josse Thuresson will open the exhibitions at the Aine Art Museum for the year 2024. The exhibition Jaettu poissaolo / En delad frånvaro / A Shared absence consists of a new film installation that centers around sleep, darkness, invisibility and visilibily in a Tornedalian context. Karin Keisu’s and Josse Thuresson’s exhibition Jaettu poissaolo / En delad frånvaro / A Shared absence at the Aine Art Museum has its starting point in Selma Lagerlöf’s book ”The wonderful adventures of Nils” (1906–1907) and how Tornedalen and the Swedish-Finnish border was made invisible in the book.

The summer exhibition of 2024 will present works by painter, master in printing, professor Kuutti Lavonen. The exhibitions at the end of the year 2024 offer a versatile feast of painting and colors. Oulu-based painter Kirsti Muinonen is the artist of the autumn and the year ends with the exhibition of Raisa Raekallio and Misha del Val, an artist duo from Kittilä.

The popular exhibitions of the Aine Art Museum that started in 2023 Working together and friendship – works from the Maaretta Jaukkuri Collection continues until 4.2.2024 and the collection exhibitions Crossroads and FOKUS Annikki Luukela are on until 28.1.2024. The renewed collections exhibition What is going on here? will continue through 2024, partly again varied



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