The Aine Art Museum is an active meeting place for people interested in fine arts in Tornio. Among other things, the museum offers exhibitions from the permanent collection, temporary exhibitions, workshops, and lectures.

The Aine Art Museum was born from the love for art shared by Eila and Veli Aine, residents of Tornio.

A decade-long art collecting led to the establishment of Aine Pictorial Art Foundation in 1974. In 1986 a museum owned by the city of Tornio opened up for the general public.

Aine Pictorial Art Foundation's collection consists of Finnish art works and includes some of the pearls of Finnish art: Elin Danielsson-Gambogis Selfportrait (Omakuva, 1899), Werner Holmberg's Midsummer Night in Tornio (Juhannusyö Torniossa, c. 1850), Unto Pusa's Big Ida (Iso Iita, 1873, Tyko Sallinen's Parish Examination (Kinkerit, 1919), among many others.

The Aine Art Museum building is designed by a local arhitect Matti Porkka.


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Opening hours:

Tuesday-Thursday 11:00-18:00

Friday-Sunday 11:00-15:00

A day before a public holiday the museum closes at 15:00

Address: Torikatu 2, FI–95400 Tornio

Entrance fee: 5€/person (no entrance fee for children under 18)

Combined entrance fee with The Museum of Torne Valley

8 €


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